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Are You Ready to Impress Millions of People in the Next 48 Hours?

Stefanie HartmanFrom: Stefanie Hartman

Stop the Presses!

By this time tomorrow, People Magazine, Time, CNN, The NY Times, The BBC, NBC, Fox News and many more media and news outlets could be exposing you to millions Online and sending thousands of their best customers directly to your web site.

What you are about to see is based on information obtained from a Top-Secret project I beta-tested with my clients last year.

For successful product launches, highly buzzed book launches or to build your online business AND your position as a power-player in your niche you need 4 Crucial Marketing Must-Haves in place:

  1. Gets You Visibility to Millions Online
  2. Sends You Constant Web Traffic (daily/monthly)
  3. Always Building Your Customer & Prospects Database
  4. Creates An Aura of Celebrity & Instant Credibility Within your Niche

These 4 elements... All done for you! You don't even need to get out of bed to do it. We look after everything so you can focus on serving your growing community and not get "bogged down" trying to bring new prospects into your community.

They work together like a profit-building perfect storm! They build on each other, they compliment each other, like a well-oiled machine. The Press Project brings these four crucial elements together 'Done-For-You' with the press of a button.

Your site credibility can skyrocket when your visitors discover that you were seen on...

These Mass Media outlets and hundreds more are among the most visible sites online. They are visited daily by millions and millions of people. By association, they give you and your site massive credibility and celebrity status. Plus they will send you direct leads to your web site.

The following information not only reveals the contents of this project, but it walks you through the dramatic changes in the Mass Media and how they open up a VIP Backdoor opportunity for those with the knowledge and the vision to step forward and seize it.

This may prove to be the more effective way to access your ideal customer in the history of advertising!

But you only have a few days left to take all the necessary steps to tap into this massive exposure and hot, targeted traffic.

WE FILL THE MEDIA’S NEED & GEO-TARGET YOUR MARKETING. The top news outlets are always looking for interesting content. My goal is to match TOP Magazine and News Outlets with your topic of expertise, your target market goals, your specific geography, and put YOUR content and YOUR website in front of their readers right awat... starting in 48 hours!

MEDIA PROMOTES YOUR CONTENT TO THEIR MILLIONS OF LOYAL READERS! Within 48 hours you’ll see results, and we continue your campaign for 30 days (minimum). You will be seen in front of Millions of people, and interested people will click on your content and go directly to your BLOG or website. Imagine CNN referring people to YOU! That’s Massive Trust Factor for new customers and Instant Credibility for you!

INDIVIDUAL MONITORING. Your Marketing Manager will review your blog to ensure it will be approved by the media agencies. We will suggest tweaks if need be. We will also monitor your marketing campaign and media buzz activity daily (including weekends), tweak your campaigns if needed, and will assemble statistical reports where you can see what media you are appearing in, which countries your visitors are coming from to your site, how many people saw your content and the number of people the media sent directly to your website. You will also find out which topic/content was the most and least popular – we can even test market 3-5 headlines for each article, Podcast or video.

OPTIONAL PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION. If you need stellar magazine quality content. We will review your niche, target market, and provide brand new, written just for you, top quality magazine style articles for your industry, with eye-catching headlines for you. These articles will be properly sourced, copyright free, and credits provided when needed. We will also post them on your blog so you don’t have to lift finger. We will also distribute your previous articles that you have written on your own to the magazine outlets, for additional content they can pick up.

CUSTOMIZED PRESS BANNER. Once the month is over, we will pick the top 10 – 20 news outlets and magazines from your campaign and custom create a unique Press Banner for your site that uses YOUR Branding colors and with the pixel size that ts YOUR website like a glove.

It works so well, I guarantee it!

Here is what I did for myself (entrepreneurship & online marketing topics) when I tested my system:
(actual screen shot):

And it gets better...

The hard way to build a successful business Online is to do all the work yourself. Stop doing all your own marketing! Let us do it for you, and let us do it in a way that will be most effective for your business. You should be focusing on your core business and how to build it, not endlessly posting on inefficient social networks.

The easy way is to tap into practically unlimited sources of traffic. But, traffic isn't all it's cracked up to be. You also need to make sure that the real, live people who visit your site are hot buyers, have money to spend on your product or service, and are interested in your message.

Now you may not know, but the Mass Media companies are in a panic. They have a constant demand from their viewers and readers for more and more quality content. Unfortunately their business model broke with the growth of the Internet.

As one journalist recently wrote: "Right now, we in the mass media are wrestling with the most massive changes we’ve ever seen."

Print advertising is collapsing. Revenue from digital products are not making up the difference. As a result, over 17,000 journalist jobs have disappeared in the past few years.

We are left with a situation where the top web sites in the world, like,, and many others, need quality content and are short writers to produce that content.

This brings us to...

They need your content, but they can never tell you, because it would collapse their revenue model and devastate their advertising programs.

There is, however, a "SECRET VIP BACKDOOR"...

This "SECRET VIP BACKDOOR" gives you premium access to the readers and viewers of media outlets like:

Warning! You can not just pay your way in. We are very selective with whom we work with as we need to protect our relationship with the Mass Media sites. As you can imagine, they are very concerned about the content their readers see.

But if you qualify...

Imagine for a minute... What would happen if your ideal customer fit the profile of the average Time magazine reader? And they were one of the tens of millions, who visit a month, where they saw your article. They read it. They liked it. What do you think they will do?

We know what they will do. They will join your mailing list. They will purchase your book, products or services. They will become part of your tribe.

Listen to Famed Music Producer Turned Author, Thomas Bähler...

"Having served as producer, writer and arranger for some of the highest level talent in the entertainment industry (Michael Jackson, Cher) the Miss Universe Pageant, and the SuperBowl, I had kept my public visibility at an intentional low level. Having moved forward, building a new business in the author/speaker realm which has placed me before the public, I have found Stefanie Hartman's marketing strategies invaluable in getting me and my messages before a large and targeted audience. I’m looking forward to starting the Press-Project to build my media exposure and list."

~Thomas Bähler, Composer,
Producer, Consultant, Writer and Author of Anything is Possible, a Tale of AESOP.

According to Quantcast, had 26,426,920 visitors last month, who read 77,785,208 web pages. Do you think if you can redirect a small percentage of those readers to your site, your traffic problems are solved? had 20,052,176 visitors last month. had 15,173,089 visitors., People Magazine's web site, reaches over 18 million monthly people, of which 14 million (78%) are in the U.S. 66% make over $50K annually, and 88% are female.

And the list of Mass Media sites goes on and on...

Can you see how easy it would be if you could piggyback on the huge traffic already generated month in and month out, by these high traffic Mass Media sites?

It happened to Daven Michaels, who wasn't the best-selling author of "Outsource Smart" until he used our "SECRET VIP BACKDOOR". Watch what he has to say...

Daven Michaels, CEO of 123Employee, has hundreds of skilled workers who could help him achieve his goal of NY Times best seller, but what put his book sales over the moon? My "SECRET VIP BACKDOOR" - The Press Project.

The traffic Daven received from the Press Project was full of buyers who pushed his book sales to the NY Times Best Seller list and also bought his courses and software immediately.

Daven Michaels

Here's what happened when he used my "Press-Project":

"Used as a Book Launch...
New York Times Best Seller!"

Press-Project actually helped me get on NY Times BestSeller List & sold software and ebooks right off my site! A short while back, in the middle of the campaign for my new book, Outsource Smart - Stefanie told me about her 'SECRET VIP BACKDOOR'. We quickly implemented her ideas, and put it into our marketing plan.  We were absolutely blown away by the results!

“What matters is the credibility we received, and the hot traffic, as we wanted to sell books.  "Outsourcing Smart" took off, it did fantastic, we came back, we renewed again, and now it’s apart of our marketing regime.”

“I’m also very happy to report that the book became a New York Times Best Seller.”  One of the major cogs in that machine was Stefanie and her 'SECRET VIP BACKDOOR'! I highly suggest you work with Stefanie if you want to win.”

~ Daven Michaels,
123Employee CEO and NY Times Bestselling author


Are you ready to claim your share?


Guaranteed Media Exposure & Targeted Leads to your Website… in 48 hours (or less)!

Do you write articles? Record engaging videos? Host your own Podcast or Online Radio show?

It's important that you know upfront, this is not a scheme to “buy” ad space and put your picture up there and say… 'Hey. you were in a magazine'.  It’s REAL popular magazines and news agencies, with REAL SUBSCRIBERS, looking for interesting articles, Podcast and video content that will bring their readers back again and again.

I developed an exclusive, highly-detailed system that makes mass media outlets, like magazines and newspapers, fall over themselves to publish your material. I present it directly to the decision makers, in the format they need, and THEY decide to include you or not.  While it costs me money to put your content in front of them, I CANNOT and DO NOT buy their vote, or space on their for you.

But you know me. I never take 'No' for an answer and I rarely have a problem getting anything I want published.

In other words, we aren't, strictly speaking, advertising.

Do you know what happens when a company has its business spotlighted in your local newspaper? Sales and inquiries go through the roof! That's because the credibility of the news outlet is directly transfered to the company being highlighted.

This increasing sales phenomenon occurs regularly. On TV. On the radio. In newspapers and magazines. Online and Offline. And it's what you are going to tap into on a massive scale... If you qualify.

The main reason why I have been so successful with the Press Project is because I screen who I work with very carefully. As you can imagine, the publishers are depending upon me and trust me to bring high quality content that their readers and listeners will absolutely love.

So no one hands me a bunch of money and get in. We have a short application process to ensure a good fit for all concerned.

As you've no doubt gathered, the Press Project is a "Done For You" Project, not a "Do It Yourself" one. I only work with a very select group of clients at any one time to ensure top quality results for you and for the publishers.

But before we get into that, let me share with you some typical results from our clients...

Smiljan Mori is the founder of MindOver™ Network, Brilliant solutions for Performance, Motivation and Happiness. He is also the creator of Big U Academy, the Kitepreneur Network™ and Kitepreneur Lifestyle Academy. He has literally created a successful business and coaching empire from scratch and is a best-selling author and motivational speaker.

He has changed more than 200,000 people from 50 countries for the better.

Here are Smiljan's comments...

"Increased My Exposure Tremendously!"

Used it to TEST my headlines & Topics for my New Book! What the Press-Project did for me was create influence and credibility with a wide range of media outlets, which increased my exposure tremendously. Tons of people are now seeing my work!

“It is a wonderful way to test your content topics for product creation, optin boxes and marketing, I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to build their brand!”

~ Smiljan Mori, Speaker to 200,000 people in 50 countries; Author of bestseller "MotivAction For Life"; Founder of MindOver Network


As Editor at New England Health Advisory, Inger Pols has written dozens and dozens of articles about health and wellness, as well as popular books on health issues.

Inger Pols graduated from Yale University, received an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, and worked as a successful Marketing Executive. Then her life changed direction when she adopted a four-year-old boy from Kazakhstan and a year later, a three-year-old girl from Siberia.

In order to learn everything she could to help them make up for their challenging start (her four-year-old was the size of an 18-month-old when he came home, undernourished and constantly sick), Inger went back to school to study nutrition and dietary theory.

Here are Inger's comments...

"Gave Me Clarity on The Most Profitable Topics to Focus On!"

“As a solo-entrepreneur, I have to think long and hard about how to invest my time and resources to maximize their impact. When I heard about the Press-Project, I instantly knew it could be amazing. Getting great traffic to a website is increasingly difficult these days and the Press-Project is able to get eyeballs to your content, plus, if your content is good, you can readily convert them onto your list.

“But as important is the credibility you receive from the exposure in top media outlets: how else can a small business get onto, and Dr. Oz's ShareCare site and many more, all in the same month? My only hesitation was that it seemed too good to be true! But since there was a money-back guarantee, I figured I would give it a go and the Press-Project denitely delivered! I highly recommend it as a worthwhile investment in building your list, your credibility, and your brand.”

“Also an unexpected benefit was reading your reports sent to me. Amazing clarity on what topics are the most popular. This information helped me decide on marketing materials, e-books, even my direction between 2 possible products to create! That was so cool!”

~ Inger Pols
Editor, New England New England Health Advisory
Author/Creator, Finally Make It Happen

Gwen has been developing her unique Montage Mirage style since 1983. She created the Photo Tapestries to preserve her family history and irreplaceable photos. Her artwork has been shown in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Gwen has an M.A. in clinical/counseling psychology.

STAND OUT RECOMMENDATIONS BY: NBC News, Fox News, The Telegraph UK, People (Time Inc.), The Independent, Sowetan LIVE (Times Media), Mirror Group, Express,

Here's what Gwen told us...

"Instant Credibility!"

“The Press-Project has been a signicant success for my business, propelling forward with massive media in just 30 days with such media outlets as NBCNews, FoxNews, TheTelegraphUK and People (Time Inc.).”

My goal was to position my book in the media, so people find out about it. Almost 2 million people saw my content and articles! Plus I got almost 2000 people coming to my website in 30 days. Not only that, but my new media banner has provided instant credibility for my business, I am truly grateful for The Press-Project and what is has brought to me!”

~ Gwen Sarandrea, M.A.
Author of: "The Healing House, The Gift of Dad's Final Years" book & workbook with Guided Imagery

Dr. Ken Odiwé is the founder and CEO of Waterstone Management, a boutique consulting firm helping entrepreneurs and companies reach their peak performance. He is also the founder of the The Entrepreneur Success Institute.

Here's what Dr. Ken wrote about his experience with the Press Project...

"Simple and Effective!"

Stefanie Hartman, my marketing strategist and business trend expert, you are a mentor to all mentors. Although I pride myself to being a business and marketing expert in my own right, I pale in comparison to your field experience in all its simplicity and effectiveness. It is impossible to fully describe the awe in which I regard your expertise. I honor you. The media exposure from Press-Project within just the first two weeks was simply amazing, my articles gained credibility and exposure all over the web and the world - it was like instantly gaining celebrity status."

~ Dr. Ken Odiwé
Author, Speaker, Millionaire Mentor,

Val is internationally recognized as an Expert Animal Communicator and Master Healer, with over 30 years experience working with over 6,400 animals to date.

She is also the author of the 6 books.

Val received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business and Marketing from UTSA. Today, she is excited to share her expertise in helping animals deal with the strange behaviors of the humans surrounding them.

Here are Val's comments...

"Four Days - 200 New Subscribers!"

“OMG! I am so excited about Press-Project! In just four days, I have had almost 200,000 impressions (now over 567,000) and over 250 clicks to my blog with a .32% click through rate which is amazing and well above average. Out of the 250 people who visited my site, we are celebrating almost 200 new subscribers, which for just 4 days into the campaign is incredible.”

“Press-Project built my subscriber list in record time. My content has already been seen in NBC News, TODAY, VetStreet, The New York Daily News and Seattle Times to name a few... in just FOUR days! I can’t wait to see what happens next. I can highly recommend Press-Project to anyone wh wants to have instant credibility and growth in their business!”

~ Val Heart
The Real Life Dr Doolittle 

As you have seen, we have experienced outstanding results with our clients and are now ready to open the doors for qualified applicants for a limited time. Once we close the doors, we will be focusing on out Press Projects and I have no idea when or if we will take on more projects.

Image how one of these would look on your site!

Here is what happened for a Spiritual Client in only 18 days that had
no website, blog or articles
– totally started from scratch….

Day 1: They were launching a product, so we quickly wrote magazine quality articles for them, started the exposure, and got massive results in days, which they promoted to their list. 20,000 people saw their content and website URL. Their content appeared on, MSNBC, New York Daily News and seven others. These are BIG name outlets!

Day 2: Got them on Doctor Oz’s website – ShareCare!! I was thrilled and they were in shock. Remember this is a spiritual client, not even a health client.

Day 10: The media outlets sent them 932 new people first 10 days, then over 2000 in 30 days, to their website and they are capturing that traffic, and its GROWING their own database list each day.

Day 14: They wanted the quick credibility for their launch – and it worked! In addition, I got them almost One Million impressions in less than 2 weeks, and over 900 people directly to their blog and still counting.

Day 18: Got them into over 20 publications including TIME Magazine!

VIP Client: Continued Monthly and in just 7.5 months...
Visibility: To 12 Million+ People.
Visitors: Media sent 14,562 individual people to their site!

If all the above wasn't mind-blowing enough. That's not all! When you successfully apply to the Press Project, you also receive these exclusive membership perks:

Guaranteed TOP Media Placement in 30 days or less (Value: $5500)

Being in the top magazines and sites both in the USA and the world, means a lot of people trust them and visit them daily so now these millions of people now trust YOU by association. Think about it, every morning millions of people open their iPads and computers to go visit their favorite magazine or NEWS site, it’s a daily ritual, and now they see you on it. Not only did they just find out about you, but your credibility and trust factor just went through the roof. And these are REAL people. Not thousands of fake Facebook friends and imaginary Twitter followers.

Web Traffic & List Building (Value: $3500)

The Press Project averages between one thousand to three thousand visitors per month, per client.

Visitors to,, or any other site in our network, see your article title and visit your blog to read the article. You keep all those leads and generate high quality traffic to your site.

"Out of the 250 people who visited my site, we are celebrating almost 200 new subscribers, which for just 4 days into the campaign is incredible." ~ Val Heart, The Real Life Dr Doolittle

Business Review (Value: $2500)

So many times when I consulting with clients, I discover that they think they know what their business is, but when we dig deeper they are headed in the wrong direction. The Press Projects is a big investment in time, money and effort by both of us and it is crucial that we start off in the right direction.

Together, we review your business, your topics, target markets, your goals, and more. Then we geo-target your business and content syndication so that your information reaches its intended target.


Detailed Article Reviews (Value: $500)

Every article you write for Time, CNN, MSNBC, Fast Company or another news outlet needs to meet or exceed stringent content guidelines.

So my team meticulously checks each article for any flaws that would disqualify it from being used by your targeted media outlets.

Don't like to write? No problem. I have staff who can write your articles for you in a timely manner to the top journalistic quality standards.

Detailed Site Review (Value: $800)

The media outlets, like Time, MSNBC, People. etc. have high standards and if your web site doesn't meet those standards, there's no way they'll put you on their sites. This is NOT paid placement, nor it is advertising. This is major media sites recommending you to their readers, viewers and listeners that they trust you, go to your site and join your community.

Once you apply and are accepted, I will personally review your site, make suggestions for improvements, if needed, and ensure the greatest chance for the media to accept your content and site.

This is something that I am extremely good at. In fact, most of my consulting business is directly related to my ability to focus my clients' marketing strategies.

Market Testing (Value: $1500)

Everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately, very few people's opinions bare out in the fickle marketplace. This is why surveys and focus groups are so popular. All businesses, including yours, are trying to find out what is in demand.

That is why some clients buy the press-project solely for the valuable INTEL that it produces for our clients. We can test articles, videos, podcasts against each other; tell you which ones are most or least popular and more than that, you get exact data so you know how many people saw it but either were not interested or were very interested, wanted more and clicked through to your site.

You also find out where your audience is based. You may not even know you have a HUGE following in the UK for example? Once you know, you can perhaps plan some marketing event there!

We can also test 3-5 headlines per article, video or podcast of your choice. Do you have a few articles you'd like to test a few headlines with? Let us know and we'll do that for you at no extra charge.

Lastly, in the reports you will be able to see which TOPICS and/or HOOKS
work best.

What's the hook that brings in your best customer?

Here's a short quiz. Select the best headline. Which one do you think would pull the highest number of prospects?

  1. 11 Great Reasons why Smiling makes us More Successful!
  2. Why Is Change So Hard? The Hard Truth About Fear and Personal Change
  3. 4 Surprising Happiness Habits That Could Change Your Life

Did you guess correctly? To be honest, I don't think I would have picked the right one. And what a huge difference between number one and number two!

Final Quiz.

  1. What You Need to Know About Soda (Even if You Don’t Drink It)
  2. The Cholesterol Test That Could Save Your Life
  3. Why Your Cholesterol Numbers Don’t Matter

Huge difference between number one and number two.

Now that you have seen two examples of our tracking, let me ask you: How much time and effort would you have wasted if you thought number three in any of the above examples was what turned your customers on?

Yeah! They want to know about Cholesterol numbers. Then you engage 6.5% of your audience compared to number one.

One article engages over 2100 people while another only engaged 42. Makes you wonder how much time you have wasted so far, doesn't it?

These reports alone could be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you over the next year. And you’re just moments away from being able to access them.

Product Development (Value: $500)

The most important perk from being a Press project member is the ability to laser target upcoming products, services, books, speeches based on what your ideal target market is actually telling you they want.

Should you talk about Topic 1 or Topic 2? Now it is an easy decision. Before you may as well spin the wheel and take your chances.

Now you will KNOW with certainty.

Some people spend up to a year producing their products and services. Imagine putting all that work in and being so sure your customers are going to love it and then selling 6.5% of what you could if only you'd picked a better topic.

Sadly, I see it all the time.

That's why I am so excited about the Press Project.

Constant Feedback With Insider Information (Value: $800)

Each month, as we mentioned in Perk 6 & 7, you will receive a detailed report on how your articles, videos or Podcasts did. Which headlines won? Which piece of content really excited your audience? What was the ideal length of your material? So each month, your results improve as you focus more and more on what your prospects want, and less and less on your guesses as to what they want.

Beyond that, as our client, you will receive...

Insider information on content marketing! We have combed the stats, the data, the trends, and summarized powerful information that will help you with your marketing success. These are written to be read quickly & easily, so that you can put it to work immediately, and whenever possible we include case study examples.

Some topics include, do you know what is the ideal headline length? When you send an email, what is the ideal length of your subject line? Should you use odd or even numbers in your headlines? We knew specific numbers sell best, but did you know some numbers outperform others? Does negative content sell better than optimistic?

We will also include how you can take your success with the Press Project and turn it into a snowball effect, garnering MORE media, as well as use it in your social media, facebook and create a buzz with new or potential customers.

And much more!

The 10 Second Trust Factor (Value: $1200)

Create Instant Credibility & Celebrity Status in Your Niche by putting your own Customized Media Bragging Rights Banner that we create for you (included in service) on your website, your book jackets, your brochures, your business cards, your apps, everywhere!

Stand out from the crowd. When you have the banner below on your site and your competitor doesn't you gain extra credibility and trust. When you are taken more seriously or seen as a true expert in your field, you can charge higher fees for your services and products. Plain and simple.

Let's face it: Trust = Profits.

Instant Celebrity Status (Value: $1200)

Be a Power Player in your market. Secure radio interviews, TV interviews and local articles featuring you and your business with your new press credibility. Plus for every magazine we get you in, write a press release and promote that fact for EACH magazine. You can even send a note to your clients via direct mail or email, via Podcasting, YouTube or on stage at your next event letting them know you were just seen in TIME Magazine, CNN, or whichever magazines they are.

And the best news..

  • No Media training
  • No hidden cost
  • Save you time and money as we do it all for you
  • No $5,000 a month Publicist charge
  • No Problem. We look after everything

As we said earlier, we are only accepting a very limited number of members. The standards of the publishing industry are very strict and we work closely with them and you to make sure it's a good fit. If you aren't a good fit, we refund your investment in the Press Project and we remain friends.

When you apply, you have two options:

  1. You write your articles. You produce your videos. You record your Podcasts.
  2. We write your 10 articles.

Obviously there will always be some interaction as we want to make sure the work we do is in tune with your business philosophies & goals.

You will have the option to renew each month at a substantial discount since the 'heavy lifting' is in the set up of your Press Project.

Option One: $3995 $1995 the first month, and $1995 $1745 a month afterwards.

You Will Receive 'Done-For-You':

~ Receive 30 days of Media Exposure for your blog articles, podcasts & videos.
~ Targeted Traffic & Media Campaign to your blog.
~ Bi-Monthly Full Campaign Reports
~ Customized Media Banner in your colors, and website measurements.
~ Plus Perks valued at $16,800

Option Two: $4995 $2495 the first month, and $2700 $2245 a month afterwards.

You Will Receive 'Done-For-You':

~ Receive 30 days of Media Exposure for your blog articles, podcasts & videos.
~ Targeted Traffic & Media Campaign to your blog.
~ Bi-Monthly Full Campaign Reports
~ Customized Media Banner in your colors, and website measurements.
~ 10 customized Articles Ghost-written from you per month, so that you receive the credit.
~ One Royalty free image attached to each blog article.
~ We add your ‘About the Author’ Signature to your articles.
~ Plus Perks valued at $18,000


There's lots of ways to drive traffic. Google Adwords is the most popular. And getting more and more expensive. How much depends on your industry and how many companies are competing for top spot - basically bidding up the CPC or Cost Per Click.

Unfortunately for you and fortunately for Google, people tend to 'research' on Google. So they get multiple clicks on their Adwords, which makes them lots of money.

You don't want "Lookie-Lou's". You want hot, trusting buyers who are "warmed-up" for what you offer. Val Heart, in her comments above, had 200 people subscribe to her mailing list out of 250 visitors. These are people who are extremely interested in the work she does.

And for as long as they remain subscribed, Val can send them marketing pieces designed to move them from subscribers to buyers - pretty much for FREE!

So your choice is clear: You can easily spend $3000 or more a month on Google Adwords bringing lukewarm Internet surfers, who are distracted by the slightest thing, or you can spend $1745 a month flooding your site with interested prospects with lots of cash, who are excited to join your fast-growing community.

If you qualify, I am going to make it a "No-Brainer".

Take a full thirty days to put Press Project to work on your business, and see if your web traffic doesn't skyrocket, adding new prospects to your mailing list and bringing new profitable sales.

You be the judge. We'll take all the risk. And remember, this isn't some cheap "Info Product" with no costs other than hosting it on a server somewhere for pennies a download. The Press Project has hard costs involved in all aspects of the process.Any and all refunds come out of my pocket. So I am going to make sure you get massive traffic!

If you have ever wanted to rev up your web traffic, build Gold-level credibility, and exponentially grow your business...

Then start using the press effectively. And start with our exclusive Press Project strategies.


I’ve been a consultant in the speaker, author, expert world for over 10 years. I started out helping T. Harv Eker’s Business, Peak Potentials, go from zero to a multi-million dollar empire.

I’ve worked with Olympic Athletes, CEO’s, Oprah Show Guests, and regular people who want to STOP TRADING THEIR TIME FOR MONEY, leverage their expertise into an Online business and create the Next Chapter in their Life.

People like Dr. Scott Brown, A.K.A. "The Wallet Doctor":

"I’ve sold over $1 Million of products starting from scratch & working weekends! I have a Ph D in finance. Very, very few people in the world have such a Ph.D. There’s less than a hundred of us that graduated worldwide. Yet before I worked with Stefanie, I sold nothing..."

Watch what Dr. Scott Brown has to say, while on a European vacation:

  1. WE FILL THE MEDIA’S NEED. The top news outlets are always looking for interesting content. My goal is to match magazine outlets that work for your topic of expertise and put YOUR content and YOUR website in front of their readers right away.

  2. CUSTOM REVIEW & SECRET TWEAKING. After you apply, I go visit your current blog and do a quick review of its format & set-up. These are serious magazine & news outlets, so I need your blog to meet their standards. Most likely it does, but if not I’ll suggest a quick tweaking plus give you a few tips. (If you need a new blog we can create that for upon request, or you can tweak it yourself).

  3. WE CONTACT THE NEWS OUTLETS. on your behalf and they integrate your articles onto the appropriate pages on their magazine sites. You can be on magazine outlets all over the world (we highly recommend this as your brand and products should be known world-wide or you can specify the geography you’d like press for). We’ll set up those parameters in your account.

  4. INDIVIDUAL MONITORING. We monitor your activity daily, and will assemble a bi-monthly report so you can see where you are appearing, how many people saw it and the traffic to your website build. You will also find out which content was the most popular and least popular.

  5. CUSTOMIZED PRESS BANNER. Once the month is over, we will pick the top 12 – 20 news outlets from your report, and custom build a unique Press Banner for your site that uses YOUR Branding colors and with the pixel size that fits YOUR website page like a glove.

In The Press Project, you’ll find …

  • Hard to beat celebrity status
  • High volumes of traffic to your site, that already trusts you
  • Established credibility
  • Ways to test what your audience REALLY wants
  • Geo-targeted, demographically correct delivery of your message
  • And more…

And again, as one of our Press Project members, we’d love to help you get hot, high converting web traffic.

This program has helped people from all different backgrounds (from teachers to academics to coaches) become trusted celebrities practically overnight.

Once we get your first piece published in high-profile publications, you’ll be up and running with an impressive portfolio driving targeted visitors in no time…

Warm regards,

Stefanie Hartman

P.S: So what’s the difference between Excessive Success & Lackluster Sales/Profits/Results?

To truly break the sales barriers, I’ve found the biggest difference is reaching a Tipping Point.

At one time, and typically all it takes is one time, one single action, a big break or difference that drives profit’s over to the tipping point, puts Entrepreneurs on the map, and then continues to snowball them into ever greater and greater success.


  • Visibility to Millions Online.
  • Constant Web Traffic (daily/monthly)
  • Always Building Your Customer & Prospects Database
  • An Aura of Celebrity & Credibility in your Niche.

*These 4 elements work together like a profit building perfect storm! They just build on each other, they work together, like a well-tuned machine.

Just like what you get when you utilize all the powerful tools that the Press Project gives you.


(You can review what your subscription includes before you place your order.)


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